Supply Chain Management

Enabling lead contractors and lead providers to ensure quality and delivery

Procurement of of health and care and related services is becoming ever more complicated as commissioners and other funders seek to achieve efficiencies and changes to the service models they are paying for. To reduce the burden on commissioners, procurement of a lea contractor to manage ta supply chain of providers is becoming a preferred approach. Redhill’s consultants have in depth experience of manage the relationships with and within the supply chain, consulting with all the parties involved and feeding that back into sub-contracting and partnership agreements. We also undertake provider evaluation and manage structuring the delivery process, always focused on helping the lead contractor and third sector providers to co-operate and function most effectively together.

We have delivered recent programmes of supply chain development with Social Care in Action (Southampton) and across the whole of the third sector in Lancashire for the Active Ageing Alliance. Earlier supply chain work undertaken by our team included support to City & Hackney MIND, and Community Forest Trust.


Management of task and finish groups to develop consortia/partnerships.
Creation of partnership agreements with input from all members.
Fostering of engagement from all parties involved.
Evaluation of providers capacity and potential.
Increased information sharing between all parties.

Other Services:

Identifying service development opportunities

Understanding priorities and influencing commissioning intentions

Maximising success in winning tenders