About Redhill Consultants

Redhill is a group of management consultants who have specialist knowledge and experience of health, social care and the third sector. Redhill supports charities and social enterprises to improve their operations and their chances of winning greater contract funding.

Redhill’s consultants have led programmes to provide business support to social enterprises for the Investment and Contract Readiness Fund, Big Potential Breakthrough and Advanced Funds, Impact Readiness Fund, Local Sustainability Fund and Community Assets and Services Fund. We have provided direct support to clients preparing Reaching Communities applications, and we have worked extensively for the NHS and local authorities, providing a combination of consultancy and interim management at Director level.

Our consultants have been employed at Chief Executive and Director level within the NHS and local authorities and understand the complexities of public sector commissioning as they have extensive experience of leading it, as well as managing service providers.

Redhill Consultants work with clients to develop applications for funding and then to deliver programmes of support. These programmes can be focused on identifying opportunities for our clients to win contracts or attract new funded service users (we lead market analysis and design a bespoke bid management process); clarifying the change our client is aiming to deliver and analysing the benefits (we undertake social impact mapping and Social Impact Knowledge transfer); supporting engagement with service users and the community served; developing robust business plans and analyses of the markets available; and evaluating the progress against project objectives – or other consultancy as needed!